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First Vinyl:
the first vinyl: The Big Land
First release:
backed with
(A Russian Teenager)
Recorded on the first day of Thanksgiving vacation, November 1964 at Ray Vernon's basement studio, Accokeek, MD. (Known to guitarist Link Wray fans as the "Wray Farm." Link had a small white bungalow nearby called "The Shack." Photos of these buildings can be seen on the Link Wray website. Ray Vernon, nee Vernon Wray, is Link's brother.)

Philadelphia's Swan Records was owned by Tony Mammarella, first producer of Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

"Ivan" came in third on new "Record Races" at WEEM Radio in D.C. (The Four Seasons and Leslie Gore were first and second!)

MAY 7, 1965

First Juniata College
full concert
the first full concert

More Vinyl:
Our second single was recorded in April '65 again at Ray Vernon's. "What Did She Wear" was written after Juniata's Homecoming Dance in the Fall of '64. B side: "Our Summer Love" Steve Herr played drums. Both singles were with soprano Sue Judy.
the Century Singer's Man Man
LP "Man Against Man" was recorded one night between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM in the spring of '66 at Vernon's. John Russell's bass was added later.

Man Against Man/ Soft Summer Nights/ Reach Out/ Sing Ye All Hosanna/ Wild, Wild World/ First of July/ Ivan. Pat Dove, soprano with the exception of Sue Judy on Ivan.

Opening night at 'Salut', the new Juniata College Coffee House.
- February 1966
Opening night at 'Salut', the new Juniata College Coffee House.

from the Juniata College Bulletin
a quarterly publication of Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA

Spring 1965

A folk singing group of nien students has become Juniata College's most-sought-after entertainers. The New Century Singers have appeared before all types of audiences with a program of folk, semi-popular, comedy, novelty and social satire in an imaginative, alert and modern approach.
The Singers recently cut their second record under the Swan label. Their most reent honor came at Waynesboro, PA, when they won first place in a Hootenany sponsored by the Waynesboro Rotary Club. They also placed second in the InterCollegiate Musical competition at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. More than 85 per cent of the Singers concert is original.
Summer 1965

One of the most impressive receptions ever given a Juniata College entertainment group was displayed May Day-Alumni weekend when the New Century Singers "brought down the house" with their blend of serious folk tunes and comedy acts.

Climaxing an evening of entertainment, "The Singers" bowed to a standing ovation from the student-dominated jammed Oller Hall. Their presentation was one of the most "tremendous" of the many given throughout the year at college, community and school gatherings.

Thus far the Singers have cut two records and look forward to continuing their production in the fall. The only member leaving the group will be Susanne Judy who was graduated in June.
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