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  • NEAT SONGS # 1
    -  by Steve's Dusty & Co. ventriloquist puppets.

  • Sing Along with Dusty & Company
    -  14 familiar sing-along songs

  • Saint Judas Passion
    -  full-scale Engle Lenten musical

  • New Century Singers Farewell Concert, 1966
    -  1960's folk music group

    -  puppet original holiday songs.

    -  country and novelty songs

St. Judas Passion Concert, La Verne, Cali

Steve created his first song at age 14. Encouraged and mentored by his high school choral director, Francis Nogle, he wrote and conducted his first anthem with his school choir. This was also a time of writing, arranging, and playing in a dance combo.

(l. to r:) Steve, Tuck Carty, George Diffenbaucher
A trio from that combo, The Varsitymen, released Steve's first recorded song in the fall of 1962. This led to a stage performance with Minnie Pearl, Roy Orbison, The Isley Brothers, George Hamilton IV and Ray Stevens, among others.

(l. to r:) Steve, Tuck Carty, George Diffenbaucher

In 1963 Steve spent several months writing, arranging, recording (and starving!) at a small studio in Baltimore, MD with (then unknown) country star Charlie Daniels, ("The Devil Went Down To Georgia.")

Juniata College days, Huntingdon, PA were spent with the New Century Singers (1964-'66), a folk group that performed live and on record. Two highlights were opening for comedian Dick Gregory at Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA, cutting three records, (produced by Ray Vernon, brother of rock guitar legend Link Wray) and receiving an invitation to appear on Johnny Carson's TONIGHT SHOW which, unfortunately, came after the group had disbanded.

In 1970, while working for the La Verne, CA, Church of the Brethren, Pastor Leland Wilson encouraged Steve to write a song for the church's Annual Conference. That effort, I See A New World Coming (Beyond A Dying Sun) has been a popular Brethren hymn for over 30 years as well as other denominations, and has appeared in five hymnals.

A 1970 album, Look to the Light was also recorded using Jim Covington's FAR WEST Studio, Burbank, CA.

In 1971, after being denied permission to use excerpts from JESUS CHRIST SUPESTAR at the La Verne Church, Steve set about creating his own Lenten musical. With the invaluable feedback and encouragement of choral director, Gerry Pence, the SAINT JUDAS PASSION, was premiered in March 1972. It was later presented at the 1973 Brethren Annual Conference as well as on a double LP album recorded at the former RCA Studios, Hollywood. There have since been performances across the country. The album has now been reissued on CD.

A CHRISTMAS PATCHWORK was premiered in 1975. 13 numbers for chorus, soloists and instrumental ensemble-a favorite for local church performance.

Production and Rental Info

In 1997 Steve was invited to compose and conduct a number for his hometown's Bicentennial Celebration in Waynesboro, PA.
Steve Engle leads the mixed chorus in the performance of "Our Waynesboro Home" written especially for the Waynesboro Bicentennial. Engle is a Waynesboro native.
Roscoe Barnes III - The Record Herald
Steve Engle leads the mixed chorus in the performance of "Our Waynesboro Home" written especially for the Waynesboro Bicentennial. Engle is a Waynesboro native.

In December 1999 his latest full-scale musical, "RUMORS OF ANGELS, A Story of Mary and Joseph" was premiered at Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, sponsored by Juniata College President, Dr. Thomas Kepple, Jr.

Tom Sawyer N Friends

-   A suite of six songs or the Bonita High School Chamber Singers,
La Verne, CA for a 1976 bicentennial tour of the east coast. That tour included a performance at the Kennedy Center Lobby, Washington,
D.C. on "California Composers Day."

   In a harmonically rich, nostalgic Americana style the piece lends itself well to some costuming and staging/choreography.

Performance time:   approx. 17 minutes.

Contents:   Prologue/ Rollin'Home/ Tom & Becky/ White Washin' the Fence/ Two on a Raft/ Rollin' Reprise

Available for performance. (See CONTACT)

To listen to excerpts of all songs, click here: (DOWNLOAD)
(NOTE: This is an old "live" recording of the Bonita Chamber Singers at the Claremont Playhouse, Claremont, CA. The performance is fine but the recording quality not so good.)

Playing time: 3:33

-  Hymn for the Manassas, VA, Church of the Brethren Centennial,
Manassas, VA 1995.

-  Song for the Village at Morrison's Cove Centennial,
Martinsburg, PA, 2003.

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