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I have found 'St. Judas Passion' to be a beautifully written masterpiece and cannot stop singing the music nor pondering the subject matter."
Stage Director, First Presbyterian Church Mesa, Az, April 2004

I was thrilled to present (this) music. The superbly crafted musical is timeless!"
Music Director, First Presbyterian Church Mesa, AZ, April 2004

"Annual Conference goers witnessed an unprecedented event."
-MESSENGER review, 1973

"The listener will enjoy the music and relive the biblical story with new passion."
-Dr. Robert W. Neff
Fmr General Secretary,
Church of the Brethren
President Emeritus Juniata College

The passionate melodies ring in the soul long after the actual sound is over."
-Dr. Nancy R. Faus, Hymnologist
Professor, Bethany Theological Seminary"

Bar none, the St. Judas Passion is one of the most original Brethren works of art since 'Move In Our Midst.'"
-Rev. Frank Ramirez,
Pastor, Author, Playwright

The voice of Jesus singing 'Jerusalem' and the cry of the crowd singing 'Save us from Judas' are etched deep in my memory."
-Rev. Chris Bowman
2004 Annual Conference Moderator,
Church of the Brethren

We would like to take a moment to extend to youour deepest thanks for making the 1999 Gubernatorial Inaugural ceremonies a great success. - Gov. Tom Ridge

In the early spring of 1973 a double album of Steve Engle's SAINT JUDAS PASSION was recorded at the former RCA Studios in Hollywood, CA.

The production featured a dozen vocal leads, 20-voice chorus and 35-piece orchestra. Later in June of that year it was performed at the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference in Fresno, CA, with over 4,000 in attendance.

It has since seen various productions across the country.

In recent years, Steve has had numerous inquiries as to if/when JUDAS might be available on CD.

2003 was the 30th anniversary of the original LP and Annual Conference performance, and seemed an appropriate time to reissue the original LP on CD. (See CDs.)

The Messiah has come! Judas is convinced! (PROLOGUE) He has experienced the charisma of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount. (BLESSED ARE THEY) Surely, this is the Christ, chosen to free the Jews from the Romans and establish the Kingdom of God. Temptation, anguish, doubt and betrayal lie before Judas as he begins THREE YEARS ON THE ROAD with Jesus and the other Apostles.

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