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While RUMORS was originally conceived for the stage...as a kind of "Christmas Fiddler on the Roof"... some interest has been shown in bringing it to the screen in either video form or as a theatrical feature.

CHRIS DELANEY, president of Delaney and Friends Cartoon Production of Vancouver, Canada, states:

"This project should be done as a theatrical feature, and not just for video. It is too groundbreaking and dramatic for the small screen only. I see it as a spiritual or 'Christian' version of 'Fantasia,'in a variety of almost 'oil painted' images, 'stained glass' images and other cutting edge techniques all animated to the beauty of your music.

It would be something very different and new, and if done right, we would definitely push the barriers of animation as never before."

We fade into a starry universe. As a solo trumpet begins we slowly zoom in on planet Earth to a Middle Eastern mountaintop and discover the angel Gabriel playing his horn to the sky. (PROLOGUE). The scene then shifts to Persia where three magi confront a "most unusual, most incredible, MOST MAGNIFICENT STAR." They make plans to journey to Judea to see if the birth of the Jewish Messiah is imminent.

About a year later in the tiny Galilean village of Nazareth, young carpenter Joseph walks Mary home from the synagogue. (LOVE GROWS) Joseph mentions his father will be speaking to Mary's father about their being married.

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