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The Messiah has come! Judas is convinced! (PROLOGUE) He has experienced the charisma of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount. (BLESSED ARE THEY) Surely, this is the Christ, chosen to free the Jews from the Romans and establish the Kingdom of God. Temptation, anguish, doubt and betrayal lie before Judas as he begins THREE YEARS ON THE ROAD with Jesus and the other Apostles.

Monday evening of Holy Week, near Jerusalem, Jesus and the Apostles share a meal with Mary Magdalene, and Mary and Martha of Bethany, (sisters to Lazarus). Mary of Bethany confesses adoration for Jesus (WHAT COULD I GIVE HIM) and washes his feet with an expensive perfume. (THE ENCOUNTER/TRY NOT) Magdalene's sensitivity and sympathy reap only the bitter harvest of Judas' MAD, MAD MARY. Jesus consoles the weeping Magdalene. (WEEP, MARY, WEEP)

Surrounded by the tormented dancing of the "Furies," (in Greek tragedy: the avenging spirits of souls killed unjustly,) Judas expresses confusion and disillusionment as his hopes for a militant Messiah are continually frustrated by Jesus' hesitation to act (I'VE WATCHED HIM CHANGING).

Meanwhile, at the Temple in Jerusalem, High Priest Caiaphas and his father-in-law, Annas, worry about the implications of this new "Messiah," especially during the crowded confusion of Passover. (EVERYBODY'S IN TOWN THIS WEEK) Aware of Judas' growing disenchantment, Annas suggests this "saint" might be useful in controlling the potentially explosive situation. Later that evening, Judas arrives hoping to use Caiaphas in a last attempt to force Jesus to act. (THE MEETING) While on a hill outside the city, the Apostles contemplate their own fates in the unfolding drama. (WONDER WHO I'D BE, APOSTLE TALK, WHEN WE GET TO JERUSALEM) In sharp contrast is the lament of Jesus: JERUSALEM.

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Following THE LAST SUPPER, which includes flashbacks, Judas defines his role in "enabling" Jesus to fulfill (what Judas believes to be) the true Messianic calling (GETHSEMANE) Dedicated to different goals, Jesus refuses and THE ARREST follows. Magdalene then bids farewell to Jesus in an added number, SHALOM.

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Armed with news of the arrest of Jesus, Caiaphas and Annas are off to the Roman's palace where visiting Roman official, Pilate, and his wife, Claudia, are already spending a restless night. (PILATE AND SPOUSE) Claudia sings of disturbing omens experienced in dreams. (CLAUDIA'S SONG)

On the Friday morning streets of Jerusalem, vulgar announcement is given the high-noon crucifixion by street urchins (READ ALL ABOUT IT). Then, with the final event of the Passion of Jesus, THE CRUCIFIXION, comes the rejection of Judas in his own final anguish and passion. (JUDAS BEFORE DEATH) As the broken betrayer takes his own life, the haunting strains of JERUSALEM mingle despair and hope in the FINALE.

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