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A Christmas Patchwork
A Christmas Patchwork Medley

Tom Sawyer n' Friends
Tom Sawyer n' Friends

Rumors of Angels
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Neat Songs #1 CDNEAT SONGS # 1.
      Dusty & Co. ventriloquist puppets solo and harmonize their way through 11 delightful songs for children of all ages.

      Accompaniment ranges from combo to orchestra. Some just for fun and others with painless messages.

      Musical styles include pop, rock, country, & gospel. Includes: Super Silly Song/ The Gift of You/ Fantasy No. 1./ Mother Goose/ Camp Country Corn (with some old favorites)/ Scat Cat/ 70 x 7/ Thank You Carousel/ Amazing Grapes/ The Littlest Tree/ Good Night, Little Ones. Written, arranged and performed by Engle.

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Dusty & Friends
            An upbeat, energetic collection of 14 familiar folk, gospel and novelty songs all ages will enjoy sung by 5 of the Dusty & Company puppets. (Performed by Engle)

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A Jingle Merry Christmas
A Jingle Merry Christmas
             For the Holiday Season, Dusty & Co. again harmonize their way through 10 original Christmas songs and "Silent Night." (Some painless messages again sneak in amongst the fun.)

Includes: A Jingle Merry Christmas Sleigh/ A Colorful Christmas/ Santa Dropped a Bundle/ A Cowboy Christmas/ A Fabulous Christmas Day/ The Littlest Tree (also in NEAT SONGS)/ A Little Bit of Heaven/ The Donkey/ The Camel/ Christmas "Wrapper" and Silent Night. Written and performed by Engle.
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Greatest Country Hits!

            A country novelty record...tho' there are some purty darned good songs on it! Dusty & Co. country crooner, "Hovey-Jo Slaybuck," twangs his way through twelve catchy country "misses"- Footprints All Over My Heart/ You Won't Be Comin' Home/ Cattle Car Clyde/ Bud Sign Song/ Hazy Autumn Shade/ Carmelita/ Bye Bye Boogie/ For Young Love/ Boots & Sandals/ Warm California Mornin'/ Baby's Comin' Home/ Good Times Tap.

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Greatest Country Hits!
Hildy Higginbottom

            Vivacious ventriloquist dummy Hildy Higginbottom's first CD venture full of wit and whimsical wisdom about the process of aging. Spoken poetry and prose performed by Engle.

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Why did Judas betray Jesus?
How are both Jesus and Judas betrayed?
What parallels exist between these two
dedicated men?
St. Judas Passion CD

     The SAINT JUDAS PASSION explores these questions and more as it attempts to point out in words and music the relationship between Judas and Jesus, and the motivations that led them to their tragic ends.

     In the early spring of 1973 a double album of SAINT JUDAS PASSION was recorded at the former RCA Studios in Hollywood, CA. The production featured a dozen vocal leads, 20-voice chorus and 35-piece orchestra.

     Thanks to present computer technology the LPs have been transcribed to CD eliminating over 99% of the record noise. Additional orchestration was added using synthesizer and computer.

     2003 was the 30th anniversary of the original LP and seemed an appropriate time to reissue the original LP on CD. 24 tracks. 79:47 minutes of music.

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Rumors of Angels - Live!
Rumors of Angels - Live premier performance
            A new 2-disc, digitally enhanced, "live" recording of this Engle Christmas musical's premier performance at Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA in December 1999. This is the complete stage production.

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Rumors of Angels
Rumors of Angels - Selections
            Selections and excerpts from the Christmas musical. A retelling of the story using a love story about the young carpenter, Joesph, and the fourteen-year-old Mary. Almost 50 minutes of music.

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            In the style and spirit of '60's folk groups such as The Serendipity Singers, Kingston Trio and New Christy Minstrels, this Juniata College student group performed widely for three years, cut three records, and was invited to appear on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. (Unfortunately, the invitation came after the group had disbanded.)
            This CD captures the Singers "live" in their last full concert performance in May of 1966. Selections include: Man Against Man/ Long, Tall, Texan/ Soft Summer Nights/ What Have They Done to the Rain/ Work Song Medley/ Ivan Okhanovitch/ It's A Wild, Wild World/ Sing ye All Hosanna/ Draft Dodger Rag/ Kelly's/ The Big Land. Over 59 minutes of music. (Click on NEW CENTURY SINGERS for their Scrapbook Page.)

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Ted Studebaker in Vietnam
            Church of the Brethren volunteer Ted Studebaker was killed by the Vietcong in April 1971 after serving for two years with Vietnam Christian Service. During that time he sent many cassette tapes "back home" to relatives, family and friends.

            This CD is a digitally re-mastered version of the original 1971 LP album of those tapes. Includes Ted singing and playing familair folks songs, audio letters, interviews with Howard E. Royer and contributions from Brethren composer- musicians, Andy and Terry Murray.

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