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"Steve Engle's practical and creative VENT TIPS have received ventriloquist's high praise for years. Now, through the encouragement of many, Steve has put his host of ideas and thoughts into a series of books. Ideas, advice, and material refined and perfected through years of professional experience!"

- Clinton Detweiler, Maher Ventriloquist Studios
& North American Association of Ventriloquists

The following Steve Engle books for ventriloquists and other variety entertainers are published and sold by Maher Studios. Some titles are also sold by Axtell Expressions and One Way Street, Inc. (See LINKS)

Adventures in the Vent Trade
- Over 50 pages of practical tips, hints, and "Tools for Survival" for the working ventriloquist or anyone considering ventriloquism as a full or part-time career.

Puppets, Props and Performance - Tips, ideas and plans to enhance your puppets, vent figures and performance.

Divine Comedy - Practical tips, hints and practices for presenting meaningful religious presentations in churches or other houses of worship. Preparing programs, planning for the facility, church client relations, etc.

Yankee Doodle's Diary - A complete elementary school assembly program featuring ventriloquism, puppets, magic and audience participation. A fast paced, audience tested entertaining program about U. S. Colonial history, all ready for you to perform.

Mother Goose "Say No" Rhymes - Nursery rhymes with a humorous twist or ending. All designed to teach or reinforce lessons for children (and adults) on subjects such as drugs, health, ecology, etc.

Mother Goose "Safety First" Rhymes - More dialogue rhymes with unexpected or comical endings. Performance tips included.

Get the Picture - Creative publicity photos make you look great and sell your act as well! This book shows through words and pictures how you can project your personality and image through your photos.

Feather Features - Seven comedy dialogues plus songs and song openings for bird puppets..

Tales Before Christmas - For laughs: Christmas Capers, Night Before Christmas at Mickey D's. Winter Wonder Tan, Six Days of Christmas or Birds. Dialogues for ministry (with humor): The meaning of Advent, the Simple Shepherd, and Chuck the Wiseguy.

Son-Shine Safari - Gospel dialogues for animal puppets written as a VBS series but can be used individually as well.

Tell Me A Story Jesus, Vol. 1  - Six puppet dialogues covering parables on Faith and the Kingdom: Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Hidden Treasure, Parable of the Mustard Seed, Parable of the Great Feast, and A Lamp Under a Bushel. Bonus dialogue: What's a Parable?"

Tell Me A Story, Jesus, Vol. 2 - Dialogues teaching parables of Jesus with the themes "What is God like?" and "How does God and Jesus want us to act?"

Tell Me A Story, Jesus, Vol. 3 - Ten non-dialogue audience participation routines designed as a companion to the above two books or, these can be used by themselves by anyone at any time - no puppets or puppet experience needed and no rehearsal needed! Simply select kids to act out the story as narrated by you..

Rhymes for Long Livers and Other Organ Recitals
-Poems & Prose by Hildy-

Senior citizen Hildy Higginbottom's first tome on the joys and tribulations of growing older.

Available only from Engle. $6.00 plus $2.00 S/H. Order at:Hildy!
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