School Programs

"Were you a teacher? You used all of the
modalities we're taught to use in the classroom."

Scotland Elementary, Scotland, PA

Discover the appeal and educational value of
Steve Engle
for your next assembly or PTO program.

Steve offers a unique and effective way to reach your students with humorous and memorable experiences to reinforce both educational and positive values.

Each 40-minute program can be adapted for K-5/6
or K-3 and K-5/6, and emphasizes several key concepts your students will remember.

Dusty, Big Toes, Lancelot, Gorbonzo
Dusty    Big Toes    Lancelot    Gorbonzo

Endearing ventriloquist puppets and dummies become historical personalities of colonial times or reflect your students' attitudes towards and struggles with: reading, making positive choices, drugs, dental hygiene, etc., in mini "situational dramas" filled with humor and "painless" education.

Magical happenings help effectively illustrate the subject matter, whether it be King George collecting taxes, peer pressure, creating healthy snacks or reading to develop one's imagination.

Audience participation that includes your entire student audience as well as individuals "on stage."

Collateral Materials such as a Teacher's Guide and student follow-up activities are offered.

Promotional Aids are included, such a posters and news release. Photos also available. (All either as downloads or hard copies.)

Other themes are being developed on an on-going basis, and there is always the possibility of customizing a program to your specific needs.

Steve is also a published music composer, contributes to an international ventriloquist magazine and presently has 13 books published by the North American Association of Ventriloquists. He earned a B. A. degree from Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, and has done graduate work.

The Fantastic Friends Show!

(Helping kids make great choices.)

A hard-hitting, yet fun and educational show with the essential message: Our friends affect our lives, so stay away from bad influences and select positive friends.

Adapted with permission from a program commissioned by the Portland, Oregon, Public Schools and the Portland Police Gang Task Force, the show teaches:
     ...the value of good friends & the dangers of bad friends
     ...positive ways for elementary students to find acceptance &
     ...and ends with a particularly memorable routine involving audience
                    volunteers called "Four Qualities of a Fantastic Friend" to                     communicate priceless lessons.


(Reading and Library Skills)

"I appreciated the ease with which you encouraged reading throughout..."
        McConnellsburg Elementary
         McConnellsburg, PA

Did you know a book can be like a space ship?

Did you ever think that reading a book is like reading the author's mind?

Would you believe that everything presenter Steve Engle does here today he learned by reading books?

Blast off from Planet Library into the wondrous universe of reading! Boldly "Go anywhere...Be anything...Do anything!"... all through the magic of reading!

Program Includes: reading for pleasure, education and developing of imagination. Also care of books and library materials.


(Introduction to Colonial History)

"I was very impressed with the overall quality of your excellent way to introduce for younger children and review for older children."
        Paramount Elementary
        Hagerstown, MD

For 40 minutes your students become citizens of the original 13 colonies and...

...Hear KING GEORGE complain about the rebellious colonists
...Watch students magically demonstrate how King George collected the "TEA TAX!"
...Witness a picture of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (drawn before their very eyes) come to life!
...Watch a magical demonstration of how Franklin performed his famous KITE EXPERIMENT
...Rock to the beat as a Crazy Buzzard does a RAP version of Longfellow's "Midnight Ride."
...Assist two students representing GEORGE WASHINGTON and BETSY ROSS as they magically CREATE A U.S. FLAG!


When just good family fun is desired. Often presented for "Fun Days," PTO Meetings and picnics, or as a special reward.

Includes puppets, magic and audience participation.

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