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To help us give you the best show possible . . .

We are able to work in a minimum space of about 10' x 8.' Steve does everything standing up and uses all us puppets and props at waist height or above unless appearing for a small group of young children where he will sit to be closer to them.

He can work with an audience on NO MORE THAN THREE sides. Also, please do not have him standing in FRONT OF A MIRROR which can be distracting since the audience can watch his hand in my back! Yuck!

If a GOOD SOUND SYSTEM is available, we only need ONE microphone on an ADJUSTABLE stand, NOT attached to a podium. (Steve always carries a mic stand and can use the podium mic if it is DETACHABLE.)

We also carry our own sound. One is battery-powered and can be set up anywhere. This is especially neat for outside events. Don't need n-o-o-o-o plugs!

If your event is outside, try to place your audience so they are not looking into the sun. (I don't like looking in the sun either, but it goes with the gig!)

If there is a choice in "performance area" location in your room or hall, it is better to place us in the middle of a LONG wall rather than at the end (or short wall.) This puts us closer to a larger percentage of your group.

LIGHTING is another thing to consider. Please place me in an area well lighted! I've got cool features!

Optional: When CHILDREN are present, a space for them in front is sometimes nice as we can always do something special with and for them.

ATTENTION PLEZ!!! If PRE-ELEMENTARY children are present, please collar some parents or other adults to help with "crowd control".

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