Dusty & Friends with Steve!
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"Your VBS Series is a refreshing
departure from the 'kits.'"

St. Luke's United Methodist
& Presbyterian Churches
Shade Gap/Blairs Mills, PA

"...excellent feedback from all ages. Your (VBS closing) program coordinated very nicely with what the children learned...happy to recommend you for any occasion."
Evangelical Christian Church
Carlisle, PA

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Over the years Steve has presented VBS series to groups ranging from 20 to almost 200 kids. For 3 summers he presented a series to a very successful combined 6-church VBS program in Huntingdon, PA.

Single VBS programs... to give a special emphasis to your VBS kick-off or closing. Your VBS theme will be included!

Using ventriloquist puppets, music, object lessons, some magical illustrations (unless your church prefers not) Steve presents:

Four 45-minute presentations plus a final 30-minute summary and review for the last day. Your church prepares the after-lesson activities, recreation and snacks.

Bible Kids
  Steve presents stories of kids in the Bible, just like you, who helped God and Jesus.

  The story includes: Joash, the boy king repairs the Temple; Samuel becomes a good listener and hears God; Queen Esther saves her people; David kills Goliath and later becomes King; Daniel defies the lions; Mary, brave young mother of Jesus; Paul asks Timothy to become his assistant, & more!

Tell Me a Story, Jesus!
  The parables of Jesus are told by Steve

  Parables on Faith and the Kingdom:
The Sower... Hidden Treasure... Mustard Seed... Great Feast... Lamp Under A Bushel...

Parables with the themes "What is God like?"
and "How does God and Jesus want us to act?"

Lost Sheep... Lost Coin... Prodigal Son... Pharisee and the Tax Collector... Unforgiving Servant... Rich Fool... and the Worthless Salt.

Steve Presenting!
Son-Shine Safari
  Learn from the animals mportant stories about Jesus and lessons for living in the "Jungle of Life."

  CARAMEL the Camel-be dependable over the "long haul". CASEY the Dog-"all-weather" friends vs. "fair-weather" friends. Jesus is the best all-weather friend of all! BUZZ the Buzzard-in Christ you are a new creature. (Caterpillars to butterflies.)

  BIG TOES the Dinosaur-you must become as a little child to enter the "kingdom". MOLASSES the Donkey-be sure-footed and take your time. DUSTY-Be thankful. (Rainbow as sign of God's promise.).

  SLINKY, the Snake-toleration of those different than you. MR. HOOT, the Owl-thinking and wisdom are important. How can we figure out who is really wise and who to listen to? GORBONZO the Gorilla-power and how God and Jesus use it.

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